Coding a game with AI features

Covid Ninja kill 'em all

Covid Ninja is a computer-based videogame as part of term project for Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science designed and coded in Python.


Feb-May 2021



Toolkit & techniques


Core Tkinter





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Frustrated with Covid outbreak in 2021, I designed a game to kill the covid viruses

Games are fun way to make exploration even more enjoyable. Practicing falling back behind the seat of consciousness can be challenging as the mind works to hijack raw awareness. During the last year, Covid-19 affected the lives of millions of people. On one side we have to recover from this massive setback and beat the frustration but also create awareness and educate people and especially children about the measures to control it.
Game interface

Term Project

Final game with audio & visual graphics created in Python in core Tkinter without any additional libraries.
Video for the final proposal (cover created in Photoshop)
Tools & techniques

I used OpenCV, created the graphics, integrated the audio and visual effects

Inspired by the complexity of Fruit Ninja, I was interested to make it as my Term project so people can beat the frustration by killing these viruses. The game must cut various diseases — including coronavirus — before infecting a character. As the level progresses, diseases become more aggressive — just as diseases do in real life. To add complexity, I added an A.I. feature where the computer cuts the viruses and the player draws them out.
Game modes (graphics created in Photoshop)
Cover (graphics created in Photoshop)

Successful project

The project received 'A' grade and showcased at CMU 15112 - Upon given more time, I would improve on the complexity of the viruses shapes and graphics.